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The Addict's Mom PDF Print E-mail
Written by Duana Wilkins   

Ask the Addict’s Mom: Do you feel addicts’ moms are getting the support they need in dealing with addiction as a disease?

Question posed to Duana Wilkins, executive director of The Addict’s Mom.

Let me start with a quote from one of our moms.

“... drowning in despair ...watching you die right before my eyes.”

When I read these words written by a member of The Addict’s Mom, I immediately understood. Any mother who has had a child with a disease understands. Any mother who listened to doctors tell her how sorry they are to tell her that her child has cancer, leukemia, diabetes, cystic fibrosis or any other chronic, life-threatening disease knows how this mother feels. We all feel like we are “drowning in despair.”

However, addiction is a disease where only other mothers of addicts understand. No friends rush to comfort and console a hurt and grieving mother of an addict. No plans are made to bring hot meals to an addict’s mom. No Hallmark cards come with comforting messages to say so sorry to hear your child is ill.

No one calls to see if they can help in any way, or to let you know they are there, if you need to talk. We have mothers who cannot even go to local grief support groups after the loss of their child to addiction because of resentment from other parents.

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Holyoke Enterprise December 26, 2013