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Written by Kathy Brock Frasier   

Ask the Addict’s Mom: Why is addiction called a “family disease?”

Question posed to Kathy Brock Frasier, regional director of The Addict’s Mom.

Addiction is called a “family disease,” yet many will dispute this by responding, “I do not have the problem. He/she has the problem because he/she is the one taking drugs.”

However, addiction wraps its tentacles tightly around those closest to the addict, most typically family and friends. Good times, family events, love, happiness and joy are replaced by an obsession to stop the destructive behavior of the addict.

Family resentment is fueled by the “enabler” who repeatedly attempts to fix the problem, using consequences that are otherwise effective with non-addicted children.

Following many attempts, strategies and years spent to stop the addict from taking drugs, the failed cycle remains in place and family dynamics change. Living with an addict causes severe trauma to everyone within the home.

The stress brought about by addiction often manifests itself through physical ailments, including high blood pressure, headaches, frequent colds and chest pains, to name a few. Because we are so busy worrying about others, we fail to take care of ourselves.

Brothers, sisters and spouses often feel excluded and unimportant, ultimatums are demanded to choose between the child and spouse, and strife in the household has become the norm. The family begins to disintegrate and resentment festers. The entire family feels anger, sadness, depression, fear, loneliness, jealousy, shame, inadequacy and failure.

The Addict’s Mom reaches out to families dealing with addiction. It is a community where members can “Share Without Shame” their daily struggle, their sorrows, their victories with others who understand the impact of this devastating disease. Learn more at and

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Holyoke Enterprise January 2, 2014