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Contestants sought for new Pickup Derby event at Co. Fair PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

Making its first appearance on the Phillips County Fair schedule of events in 2009 is the Pickup Derby, scheduled for Saturday, July 25 at 8 p.m.

A significant amount of interest has been shown toward the event, according to Fair Board president Sherry Mari, but entries are still being sought. Those interested are encouraged to pick up an entry form at the Phillips County Extension Office. There is no deadline for sign-up.

The idea for the pickup derby came up during a meeting of the Fair Board, during which one of its members said he/she had attended one in another location. The event is very similar to the Combine Demo Derby, which was added to the fair’s schedule in 2007 and will be featured in its third year as part of the Phillips County Fair on Saturday, July 25 at 12 noon.

Tom Andersen will be head judge of the Pickup Derby. There is an entry fee and a small general admission fee to attend.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” said Mari. “ I encourage people to come watch or participate.”

Rules for the pickup and combine demolition derbies are listed as follows:

Driving rules

—All drivers must wear a helmet and a seat belt.

—Three tires over the berm and you are disqualified.

—If disqualified in your heat, that means only for that heat and not the entire event. If you are in your heat and get disqualified, you may come back for the consolation heat. However, if you’re disqualified in the consolation heat, you may not return to the main event unless the judges decide otherwise.

—You may not hit the driver’s door at any time unless you’re pushed into it and your brakes are locked. This is at the judge’s discretion.

—You must make contact at least every two minutes.

­—No head-on hits. These are when the vehicles hit headlight to headlight, right to left, left to right or anything between that.

—All judges’ decisions are final. It doesn’t matter if somebody in the grandstands or the pit crew saw something different. The call that was made stands as called and can only be over-ruled by the head judge.

—Last, but not least, this event is for everyone to enjoy. The younger generation is encouraged to compete. If under the age of 16, you must have a notarized letter from a parent or guardian stating you have permission to compete in this event.

Body preparation

—All interior must be removed. If it will burn, remove it. The only burnable object that can remain is the seat.

—All glass but the dash must be removed. If it will fall off during the derby, take it off at home or you will have to take it off before you are allowed to compete.

—The doors and hoods must be bolted, welded or chained. Only one of the three methods are allowed.

—A pipe may be welded across the dash board space if it is removed, but it can only be two inches outside diameter.

—The battery must be moved to the passenger side floor at least six inches away from the passenger door. It must be covered on all sides and securely bolted down.

—The gas tank (six gallons maximum capacity) must be moved directly behind the cab and in the center of the box and securely fastened. If there is a tank behind the driver it must be removed, such as in the older Chevys.

—The box must be welded or bolted to the frame (welding is suggested), but if you weld it you may not use a filler other than what it takes to achieve a bead. The filler will be solely at the judge’s discretion. The box may also be welded to the cab.

—There must be a hole in the hood directly above the carburetor, at least 12x12 inches, in case of a fire.

—It is suggested an unwedded chain be run from the hood to the bumper to keep it from falling off. This may not be in front of the radiator. This goes for the back bumper as well.

—Radiators must be automotive type.

­—4x4s are allowed but one driveshaft must be removed, either the front or rear.

—A roll cage may be used but only on the driver side of the pickup, meaning the cage can only go to the center of the cab. The center is determined by the drive shaft tunnel. You may use as much metal as you see fit to keep the box from coming into the cab.

—Any tire may be used as long as it does not exceed 16-inch rims.

—The tail gate may be welded to the body. The bumpers may also be welded to the frame, but any added metal will not be allowed. Automotive bumpers only.

—Any automotive engine is allowed and it doesn’t have to match the brand.

For more rules or information, call the Extension Office at 854-3616 or Sherry Mari at 520-2833.