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HSC claims eight trophies, sixth place at league meet PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jes-c Brandt   
Holyoke swimmers finished their season with the league swim meet in Wray, July 10-11. Coaches Brenda Krueger, Adria Colver, Aly Brinkema and LeAnne McWilliams had a busy, but rewarding weekend, as they watched their swimmers taking medals in race, after race.

In addition to the usual recognition for first through sixth place in each event, swimmers were honored for meet high points as well as season high points. Swimming in the 8 and under age group, Emily Jelden was the only Holyoke swimmer to receive a trophy for high points at the league meet.

Seven Holyoke swimmers also received trophies for high points over the course of the whole season. In the girls 8 and under division Jelden placed 2nd and Brenna Sullivan placed 6th.

Keegan Shaw placed 5th in the boys 8 and under category. In girls 9-10, Emily Krogmeier placed 2nd and Tara Krueger was 3rd. Danielle Brandt placed 3rd in the girls 11-12 age group, and LeAnne McWilliams was 5th in girls 15-18.

Coaches commended all their swimmers on the honors they received, especially Jelden on two much-deserved trophies.

League was an important meet for LeAnne McWilliams. Having graduated this year, it was the last season McWilliams could be a member of the Holyoke Swim Club. At the meet Colver recognized McWilliams for her many years with the team, in which she excelled in every event she competed in—especially her favorite, the backstroke. Colver noted she will be greatly missed by the team and coaches.

A swimmer since the age of 6, McWilliams has spent a lot of time in the Holyoke pool, where she has been joined over the years by her younger sisters. Pamela, 17; Malena, 13; and Lori, 11 have spent this year, and others, representing the McWilliams family as they competed throughout the league.

At LeAnne’s final meet, the sisters swam a ‘McWilliams Girls Relay’ in honor of the oldest sister. Swimming in the 15-18 mixed freestyle and medley relays, the girls took sixth in both events.

Looking back on the season, coaches noted they have seen great improvement from their swimmers. Colver noted those who aged up to a new division, including Danielle Brandt and Malena McWilliams, handled the task well, swimming competitively against their older opponents.

Colver also recognized those who cut time in their races. Anna Jelden, she said, dropped an amazing 20 seconds on her final individual medley (IM) race.

Coach Brenda Krueger pointed out Kyra Loutensock, Josie Herman, Keegan Shaw, Seth Watson, Lali Marquez and Shianne Willmon worked hard learning the four competitive strokes. “It’s fun watching them develop the strokes that work best for them,” she added.

Brenna Sullivan, Lauren Berg­ner and Morganne Kumm are returning swimmers and also worked hard to define their strokes, become stronger in the water and faster.

This year also saw many swimmers stepping up to swim relays in older age divisions. Keegan Shaw and Seth Watson teamed up throughout the season with Austin Herman and Tristan Sullivan to swim in 9-10 freestyle and medley relays.

Many on the team continue to show great promise in their events, and the coaches anticipate successful meets in years to come.

Team standings at the end of the league meet had Goodland in first with 287 points, followed by Colby, 265, Wray 252, Oberlin 242, Burlington 182, Holyoke 159.5, Oakley 60 and Flagler 39.5.

Individual results for Holyoke Swim Club are as follows:

8 and under

Girls—Emily Jelden—1st, 25 yd. freestyle; 1st, 25 yd. butterfly; 1st, 100 yd. IM; 2nd, 50 yd. freestyle; 4th, 25 yd. breaststroke.

Brenna Sullivan—3rd, 50 yd. freestyle; 3rd, 100 yd. IM; 5th, 25 yd. butterfly; 5th, 25 yd. breaststroke; 6th 25 yd. freestyle.

Kyra Loutensock—3rd, 25 yd. backstroke; 5th, 100 yd. IM.

100 yd. girls’ freestyle relay HSC B—1st, Sullivan, Josie Herman, Lali Marquez and Morganne Kumm; HSC A—3rd, Jelden, Lauren Bergner, Shianne Willmon and Loutensock.

100 yd. girls’ medley relay HSC A—1st, Loutensock, Sullivan, Jelden and Kumm; HSC B—2nd, Willmon, Bergner, Marquez and Herman.

Boys—Keegan Shaw—3rd, 25 yd. backstroke; 3rd, 25 yd. butterfly; 5th, 50 yd. freestyle; 6th, 25 yd. freestyle.

Seth Watson—4th, 25 yd. butterfly.


Girls—Emily Krogmeier—1st, 25 yd. backstroke; 2nd, 100 yd. freestyle; 2nd, 25 yd. freestyle; 2nd, 100 yd. IM; 3rd, 25 yd. butterfly.

Tara Krueger—2nd, 25 yd. breaststroke; 4th, 25 yd. freestyle; 4th, 25 yd. backstroke; 4th, 100 yd. IM; 5th, 100 yd. freestyle.

Boys—Tristan Sullivan—5th, 25 yd. breaststroke; 5th, 100 yd. IM; 6th, 25 yd. backstroke.

Austin Herman—5th, 25 yd. butterfly.

100 yd. boys’ freestyle relay—3rd, Sullivan, Shaw, Watson and Herman.

100 yd. boys’ medley relay—3rd, Shaw, Sullivan, Herman, Watson.


Girls—Danielle Brandt—2nd, 50 yd. butterfly; 3rd, 50 yd. freestyle; 3rd, 50 yd. backstroke; 4th, 100 yd. freestyle; 4th, 100 yd. IM.

Megan Vieselmeyer—5th, 100 yd. freestyle; 5th, 100 yd. IM.

200 yd. girls’ freestyle relay—3rd, Brandt, Krueger, Anna Jelden and Krogmeier.

200 yd. girls’ medley relay—3rd, Krueger, Jelden, Brandt and Krogmeier.


Girls—LeAnne McWilliams—1st, 100 yd. backstroke; 2nd, 200 yd. IM; 3rd, 50 yd. freestyle; 3rd, 200 yd. freestyle; 4th, 100 yd. breaststroke.

200 yd. girls’ freestyle relay—6th, Pamela McWilliams, Lori McWilliams, Malena McWilliams and LeAnne McWilliams.

200 yd. mixed medley relay—6th, LeAnne McWilliams, Malena McWilliams, Pamela McWilliams and Lori McWilliams.