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Written by Bob Russell   

Weird English

My wife gets a kick out of me yelling at the television. I do this whenever I hear the horrible grammar used by actors, government officials and many others—all of whom I know had been “educated” as to how to use English properly.

“Me and him went downtown,” the person says during a conversation. What? When did “me” do anything? Sometimes, the person reverses the order and that seems to sound better to the speaker: “Him and me went downtown.” When did “him” do anything?

I am pretty sure that Mrs. Salomons, my wonderful high school English teacher back in the ’60s, told me that it was proper to say, “He and I went downtown,” or “I and he went downtown,” a little awkward but fine.

Of course, I do have some empathy for anyone trying to learn the English language. I have many Korean friends, one of whom is a marvelously bright young woman and, after moving to America in eighth grade, attended high school and college here.

Sarah would get a little confused on how to use some of our words, like “to” and “two” and “too.” Or “desert” and “dessert.” Consider trying to explain the following sentences to a Korean student: “Since there is no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present.” Or, “When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes.”

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Holyoke Enterprise March 6, 2014