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The Addict's Mom PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry Schlenke   

Who is the face of heroin addiction?

With the recent publicity of a prominent actor’s tragic death from an overdose of heroin, many people are asking the following question: Who is addicted to heroin? Surely the answer is street people, criminals, inner-city kids, poor kids, minority kids, the homeless, the mentally ill or ignorant people reckless enough to experiment and become a heroin addict. The reality, however, may be surprising.

Who is the Face of heroin addiction? He is the paper delivery boy, grocery bagger, gas station attendant, fast food worker, clerk. She is an honor student, cheerleader, president of the Debate Club. She is a dancer, model, singer, gymnast. He is the star football player, teacher’s pet, class clown, artist, lead in the school play. She is popular, beautiful, outgoing, shy, homely. He is handsome, charming, clever.

The Face of heroin addiction is a school drop-out, college graduate, graduate student. He is the chef, waiter, bartender, landscaper, electrician, welder, carpenter, bus driver, train engineer, auto mechanic, son, husband, nephew, uncle, dad. She is a computer genius, mathematician, nurse, physician, counselor, teacher, wife, niece, aunt, mom.

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The Addict’s Mom reaches out to families dealing with addiction. It is a community where members can “Share Without Shame,” their daily struggle, their sorrows and their victories with others who understand the impact of this devastating disease. It offers resources, groups and referrals, but most of all, it offers hope and the knowledge that people are not alone in this fight to change perceptions and save lives. Search The Addict’s Mom on social media or

Holyoke Enterprise May 1, 2014