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Kids hop, run and crawl to the finish PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

Several kids from 3 years old, up to 13 traded in an afternoon of farm animals for time with some more exotic creatures. The bear crawl and the crab walk were only a few of the activities offered at the Phillips County Fair kids’ games Saturday, July 25.

Of course the traditional sack race and three-legged race were included in the line-up, providing an afternoon of friendly competition and laughter. Volunteers from the Knights of Columbus organized the races, ensuring fun for everyone.

Results of the races are as follows:

3 and under

Boys—Crab Walk—1st, Reid Sprague and Walker Mollendor; 2nd, Wesley McClellan; 3rd, Emery Slothower.

3 Legged Race—1st, Wesley McClellan and mom; 2nd, Reid Sprague and Emery Slothower.

Sack Race—1st, Joshua Hatez; 2nd, Reid Sprague; 3rd, Emery Slothower.

Dash—1st, Reid Sprague; 2nd, Walker Mollendor; 3rd, Emery Slothower.

Girls—Crab Walk—1st, Hannah Lindholm; 2nd, Amber Gulley; 3rd, Charlotte Kramer.

3 Legged Race—1st, Hannah Lindholm and Charlotte Kramer.

Sack Race—1st, Hannah Lindholm; 2nd, Charlotte Kramer.

Dash—1st, Hannah Lindholm; 2nd, Charlotte Kramer; 3rd, Amber Gulley.


Boys—Crab Walk—1st, Arik Stenstron; 2nd, Miles Sprague; 3rd, Landon Bogan.

3 Legged Race—1st, Landon Bogan and Kenneth Lindholm; 2nd, Miles Sprague and Wyatt Sprague; 3rd, Chad St. Martin and Arik Stenstron.

Sack Race—1st, Nickolas Hatez; 2nd, Miles Sprague; 3rd, Landon Bogan and Kenneth Lindholm.

Dash—1st, Miles Sprague; 2nd, Arik Stenstron and Wyatt Sprague.

Girls—Crab Walk—1st, Lauren Herman; 2nd, Rachel Krueger; 3rd, Savannah McClellan.

3 Legged Race—1st, Rachel Krueger and Eva Kramer; 2nd, Clover Adler and Erin Andersen; 3rd, Lauren Herman and Hailey St. Martin.

Sack Race—1st, Lauren Herman; 2nd, Rachel Krueger; 3rd, Erin Andersen.

Dash—1st, Lauren Herman; 2nd, Rachel Krueger; 3rd, Erin Andersen.


Boys—Crab Walk—1st, Nolan Burrell; 2nd, Blake Mosenteen; 3rd, Mason King.

3 Legged Race (boys and girls)—1st, David Hatez and Jayden Gashler; 2nd, Ethan Andersen and Blake Mosenteen; 3rd, Nolan Burrell and Mason King.

Sack Race—1st, Blake Mosenteen; 2nd, David Hatez; 3rd, Ethan Andersen.

Dash—1st, Blake Mosenteen; 2nd, Ethan Andersen, Mason King and Nolan Burrell.

Girls—Crab Walk—1st, Issy Anderson; 2nd, Jayden Gashler.

Sack Race—1st, Jayden Gashler.

Dash—1st, Issy Anderson; 2nd, Jayden Gashler.


Boys—Crab Walk—1st, Caiden Pfleiger; 2nd, Kenton Bogan; 3rd, Cash Adler and Brett Frerichs.

3 Legged Race—1st, Tyler Lamm and Brett Frerichs; 2nd, Caiden Pfleiger and Cash Adler.

Sack Race—1st,Caiden Pfleiger; 2nd, Cash Adler; 3rd, Tyler Lamm and Brett Frerichs.

Dash—1st, Caiden Pfleiger; 2nd, Kenton Bogan; 3rd, Cash Adler.

Girls—Crab Walk—1st, Taryn Burrell; 2nd, Sofia Stenstrom; 3rd, Josie Herman.

3 Legged Race—1st, Josie Herman; 2nd, Sofia Stenstrom and Rebekkah St. Martin.

Sack Race—1st, Rebekkah St. Martin; 2nd, Josie Herman; 3rd, Sofia Stenstrom.

Dash—1st, Taryn Burrell, 2nd, Josie Herman; 3rd, Brenna Sullivan.


Girls—Crab Walk—1st, Tori Davis; 2nd, Maddy Pfleiger; 3rd, Dani Brandt and Megan Parker.

3 Legged Race—1st, Dani Brandt and Megan Parker; 2nd, Tori Davis and Issy Anderson; Sierra Anderson and Maddy Pfleiger.

Sack Race—1st, Tori Davis; 2nd, Dani Brandt; 3rd, Megan Parker.

Dash—1st, Megan Parker; 2nd, Tori Davis; 3rd, Dani Brandt.


Boys—Crab Walk—1st, Austin Pfleiger; 2nd, Zach Roll; 3rd, A.J. Brandt.

3 Legged Race (boys and girls)—1st, Brittney Prottsman and Maddie King; 2nd, Alex McCallum and Zach Roll; 3rd, Tia Huffman and Audi Peña.

Sack Race—1st, Austen Pfleiger; 2nd, A.J. Brandt.

Dash—1st, Austen Pfleiger; 2nd, A.J. Brandt.

Girls—Crab Walk—1st, Tia Huffman; 2nd, Audi Peña and Alex McCallum.

Sack Race—1st, Maddie King; 2nd, Audi Peña; 3rd, Brittney Prottsman.

Dash—1st, Audi Peña; 2nd, Brittney Prottsman; 3rd, Maddie King.

Please see the July 30 and Aug. 6 editions of the Enterprise for complete Fair coverage.