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City Code Chatter (CCC) — Barking dogs, loud music and vehicles PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chris Lee   
Music, something everyone loves. Music has been around for ages. Music is heard on a daily basis whether it be in the car on the way to school or work, at work, on television or through one’s next door neighbor’s windows.

In recent weeks Holyoke P.D. has received numerous calls regarding loud music complaints, according to code enforcement officer Dawn Worley. “It’s becoming a huge issue,” she said.

Worley said the officers patrolling at night have seen a rise in the number of disturbing the peace calls.

The ordinance referring to disturbing the peace reads, “any person who shall maliciously or willfully disturb the peace or quiet of the public or any neighborhood or family or another person, by loud or unusual noises, or by tumultuous or offensive carriage, threatening, traducing, quarrelling, challenging to fight or fighting or use profane, vulgar or indecent language, or who shall maliciously or willfully disturb or offend the peace and dignity of the public or any neighborhood, family or other persons by lewd or indecent acts or any other acts contrary to the public morals, shall be in violation of this code and be subject to a fine of not less than $25 nor more than $300 and/or imprisonment in jail for up to a maximum of 90 days.”

Most of the calls received in recent weeks have pertained to loud music, according to Worley. She wants to remind the citizens of Holyoke to keep neighbors and others in town in mind when playing music. Shutting windows or doors will help to keep the noise down.

Barking dogs and loud vehicles also prompt disturbing the peace calls, according to Worley.

Clarification of tree maintenance

In the July 30 City Code Chatter article pertaining to trees and the removal of trees, clarification needs to be made.

Engaging in the business of tree removal, pruning, cutting, trimming, spraying or otherwise treating trees shrubs or vines without a license within the city limit is unlawful. If a business consisting of tree maintenance is desired, a license must be acquired from the city.

If someone is out in their yard treating their trees, shrubs or vines, they are not in violation of any city code or ordinance.

Worley encourages anyone with questions regarding city ordinances or rules to contact her at the Police Department. Messages can be left for her at 854-2342 or her voice mail at the Comm Center at 854-2244.

Issues concerning curfews are to be addressed in the next CCC article on Aug. 27.

Those interested in seeing a code discussed or explored in future CCC articles should contact the Enterprise office at 854-2811.