Killer Habit: Coloradans urged to drop cellphones while driving

Local News | 10/19/2016 |

The first step in overcoming any bad habit is admitting there is one. And data suggests Coloradans do in fact have a dangerous habit — distracted driving.

Last year in Colorado, 15,574 crashes and 68 traffic fatalities involved distracted drivers.

Aiming to reduce distraction on Colorado roadways, the Colorado Department of Transportation is unveiling a new public safety video and campaign, calling distracted driving exactly what it is — a Killer Habit.

“We’re calling on Coloradans to reduce distracted driving and avoid the compulsion to grab their phones while driving. Like any good habit, consistency is key,” said Sam Cole, CDOT communications manager. “Start with your next drive — lock your phone away and make it to your destination without once touching your phone. Kicking your distracted driving habit could safe a life.”

Research commissioned by the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction suggests that while 98 percent of national survey respondents know distracted driving is dangerous, nearly 75 percent admit to having done it. Furthermore, a 2015 State Farm report indicates 84 percent of their respondents support measures prohibiting any physical interaction with cell phones.

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