Wauneta Village Board reviews theatre fund investment

| 10/19/2016 |

By Sheri Hink-Wagner

The Wauneta Breeze

The Wauneta Village Board started its regular October meeting last Tuesday, Oct. 11 with a visit from Sharleen Riemenschneider of Edward Jones in McCook. Riemenschneider attended to review the performance of the Chateau Theatre’s investment account.

The funds in the investment account were donated to the village by Dr. Frank Rider and family for maintenance of the Chateau Theatre.

The Riders made a stipulation on the donation, citing a restriction that funds from the account must not be spent unless a $100,000 balance can be maintained after spending.

Since Oct. 5, 2011 a total of $25,305.40 have been taken out of the account. Most of these funds have been used for projects at the theatre. However, the figure also includes $6,852.02 taken out for taxes due to issues with the tax identification number attached to the account.

At last week’s village board meeting, Riemenschneider informed the board the balance of the investment account was $96,163.53 as of Oct. 3.

For the past several months the Village and Chamber’s theatre committee have been working to determine which tax identification number should be listed on the account.

It was explained at Tuesday’s meeting that the tax identification number currently listed on the account does not correspond with either the Chamber or the Village.

Village Clerk Evelyn Skelton has been leading the charge to determine what number should be listed. According to discussion during the meeting, the main point for determining which number to use lies with who owns the account.

When the Rider Trust was established it charged the Village Trustees with managing the funds for the benefit of the theatre. However, the Village’s tax identification number does not qualify the account as nonprofit, which would avoid the taxes, according to Riemenschneider’s advisors.

After discussion, Board Chair Lloyd Sinner asked Skelton and Village Attorney Arlan Wine to further research the issue and propose a solution at the November village board meeting.

Sheriff’s contract

Chase County Sheriff Kevin Mueller attended the meeting to discuss a possible amendment to the contract between the Sheriff’s department and the Village.

Mueller had reached out to Sinner in recent months to see if it would be possible to amend the contract to allow a deputy to live outside the Village limits for a short time.

All parties believed the current contract stipulated a deputy must live within the village limits.

Skelton pulled out a copy of the current contract, signed in 2008, in preparation for the meeting. It was determined the contract states a deputy must live within five miles of the village.

After discussion, the board and Mueller decided if the deputy finds a home further than five miles outside city limits he would come back to the board to discuss a possible amendment. At this time no changes were made to the contract.

Special meeting Oct. 19

The board will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 19 at 5 p.m. MT/6 p.m. CT to discuss options on the well rehab project.

Village Superintendent Bill Bischoff said results from the water samples pulled from well no. 4, as well as results from the University of Nebraska study and plans from Miller and Associates will be reviewed at the meeting.

Details from the special meeting will be included in next week’s issue.

Nursing home

Board members reviewed financial reports for Sunrise Heights of Wauneta at last week’s meeting. Board members Tony Cribelli and Rick Einspahr attended the last nursing home committee meeting.

Einspahr reported that the financial state of the nursing home is satisfactory and that the facility is currently a little ahead of budget. As of last Tuesday the nursing home’s census was 34. Board members also discussed the employer match percentage for nursing home staff members’ retirement plans.

They voted to keep the match percentage the same, at three percent, for the upcoming year.

Wauneta Apartments

While discussing the housing authority report board member Page Johnston and Evelyn Skelton reported that the Wauneta apartments are currently full. Manager Leanne Hunt indicated to Johnston and Skelton she would like to make a couple updates to the apartments.

First, she would like to update all thermostats in the apartments so they are located on the walls, not on the heating units. She told Johnston and Skelton all but one apartment has been updated. The cost to update the last apartment is approximately $500.

Second, Hunt said she is considering replacing blinds on the apartments with vertical blinds instead of horizontal blinds, as they are needed. She indicated issues with horizontal blinds wearing out too quickly.

Board members indicated they would like to have the sewers at the apartments treated with Root-X.

Clerk’s report

Skelton reported she received a call from Brad Slaughter with Ameritas regarding financing needed for the village’s upcoming projects to the water system, sewer system and electrical system.

Slaughter attended the Sept. 19 special meeting of the village board to discuss financing options open to the village.

After discussion Tuesday night, board members asked Skelton to contact Slaughter to ask him to prepare an ordinance for a $250,000 revenue bond for the electrical system updates.

Board members hope the information can be prepared in time for the next regular meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Superintendent’s report

During the superintendent’s report Bischoff provided an update on forthcoming dates in relation to the installation of the new transformer at the Wauneta sub station.

The details were included in a story in last week’s issue of the Wauneta Breeze.

Major events that will impact residents will be a two to three hour power outage this afternoon (Thursday) starting at 2 p.m. MT/3 p.m. CT. During this outage the village’s power service will be transferred to the temporary sub station provided by SWPPD and NPPD.

The new transformer is expected to arrive Friday morning, Oct. 21.

Then, on Oct. 28 village residents will experience another two to three hour power outage starting at 2 p.m. MT/3 p.m. CT while the village’s power is transferred from the temporary sub station back to the Wauneta substation via the newly installed transformer.