The race against the clock is just as fierce in the youth division of the July 26 barrel racing. — Johnson Publications

Barrel racing has strong out-of-town draw

    From little riders completing their first ever race to seasoned veterans, barrel racers from around the region flocked to Phillips County Fairgrounds last Thursday, July 26, for some competition.
    The evening event started with the peewee division, followed by youth and finally open.
    With a rider count of more than 100, there was a lot of action in the arena.
    In the open division, the jackpot total was $3,740 and was paid to the top four riders in 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D.
    The youth jackpot total was $400, paying the first-place winner in the four divisions. Peewee jackpot was $31.50, paying the top winners in 1D and 4D.

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