A corn harvest operation about 7 miles west and 2 miles south of Holyoke makes its way through a field last Friday, Nov. 3, demonstrating the relentless efficiency that characterizes the area’s annual harvest. — Johnson Publications

Corn harvest is looking good; some yields better than expected

    All around Holyoke, farmers have been seen harvesting corn lately, and things are looking good. Many farmers had been waiting for corn to dry down and have been finishing digging beets, but now that moisture is down and beet harvest is wrapping up, real progress is being made in the cornfields.
    As of early this week, CHS Grainland estimated that area corn harvest was about 70 percent complete and Paoli Farmers Co-op was at about 75 percent. CHS Grainland’s Steve Young reported that although harvest has been slow getting started, he is pleased with both yield and quality this year. Likewise, Steve Bahnsen reported that they have seen a good harvest at Paoli Farmers Co-op.
    Yields have been about what farmers were anticipating, and for some, Young said, yields have even exceeded expectations. As for quality, Young said that companywide, test weight has averaged 57.5 pounds per bushel and moisture has averaged 16 percent.
    Bahnsen reported excellent quality and said that yields have been somewhat erratic but are tending toward the good side. As is typical, adequate room is a challenge, but they continue bagging and piling corn on the ground in order to keep receiving and shipping out throughout the harvest.

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