Dr. Allen Williams will be the featured speaker at the Farming Evolution event Feb. 13-14. Williams is well renowned for his knowledge of soil health and livestock grazing management.

Farming Evolution event is back in Holyoke Feb. 13-14

    Farmers and ranchers are encouraged to attend the 2018 Farming Evolution event Feb. 13-14 at the Phillips County Event Center in Holyoke. It would be of interest to anyone who has questions about no-till, cover crops and grazing livestock on cropland.
    Headline speaker will be Dr. Allen Williams, who specializes in whole farm and ranch planning for a healthy agricultural system. He has consulted with more than 4,200 farmers and ranchers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and South America. He is also a board member of the Grassfed Exchange and is featured in the YouTube video series Soil Carbon Cowboys at www.soilcarboncowboys.com.  
    Williams will walk the audience through the complexity and diversity of soils. He will use experiences from across the country to demonstrate that what we do on the soil surface has a tremendous effect on what happens below the surface.
    He will share how to get better water infiltration and water holding capacity in soils. More soil water means more organic matter and healthier plants. This, in turn, impacts the plants, livestock, insects, birds, wildlife and eventually humans. It all starts with the soil and management of it.

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