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Garrett Sporhase, Julie Wiebke, James Scholl, Arlan Scholl and Matt Jordan, represent the second, third and fourth generations of Scholl Oil & Transportation Company. Jake Scholl started the business in Holyoke in 1932. — The Holyoke Enterprise | Johnson Publications

Scholl family pumps love into multigenerational business

Sometimes coworkers can feel like family.

In the case of Scholl Oil & Transportation Co., the coworkers are family.

In 1932, Jake Scholl began a gas and oil business in Holyoke, and after nearly 90 years, the company is still thriving with the second, third and fourth generations at the helm.

After growing up alongside the family business, James Scholl officially became active in the company in 1945 when his dad, Jake, was having some health issues.

“I was born into it,” said James. Even though he was training as a pianist, he is proud to have been able to return to Holyoke to be a part of the business.

James and his late wife LaVon, who was an exceptional part of the family business, gave their two children, Julie Wiebke and Arlan Scholl, a wide variety of opportunities to be involved in the company in their childhood.

Everyone contributed. Arlan remembers spending time with his mom at the shop while she worked on the books late at night, and Julie could be found waiting tables at one of their filling station restaurants or delivering checks around town on her bike.

“I had the best dad because he allowed me to do things (at the business),” said Arlan.

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