ArchAngel RECON offers drone explanation

EDITOR’S NOTE: A man named Michael Spicer with the group ArchAngel RECON contacted the Yuma Pioneer, taking responsibility for the nighttime drone sightings that hit the region in the past weeks. The following is his explanation, which was published in the Pioneer Jan. 23.


To the good people of Yuma and surrounding towns and states:

This will serve as our official statement. It’s important to us that we have the opportunity to provide this unedited written document, as unfortunately this same information has already been misquoted and represented, and folks have attached our name and reputation to those words.

We did notice the attention the so-called mystery drones picked up, both local and worldwide; however, it was unlike anything we have encountered or seen in our almost five years of doing this work.

Our actions will also back this statement as we made contact with and have the file reference numbers and email copies for the FAA, FBI, DoD, Homeland Security and various sheriff’s departments. When we were contacted by the FAA due to our contact with Yuma County Sheriff Department, the special agent in charge was unaware of the file with six documents we sent in to the FAA much before. We provided that document reference number to him.

Most of the local small-town sheriff’s offices have emails that come back invalid, contact forms that don’t work and so on. Again, keep in mind it’s important for us to maintain a documented conversation as even five words on the phone can be and have been misconstrued. We did our part to tell them all exactly what we will provide here to you.

We are a group of professionals who track a particular high value aerospace target. We have never referred to ourselves as UAP enthusiasts and never will. Our tracking takes us through many areas that most would describe as the middle of nowhere — that’s the flight path. Kansas, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona as well as many other states we travel and have chapter members who are involved.

There is no home base or group location status other than where we are at the moment and where we are going. Currently we will be an hour outside of Yuma Jan. 25-26 doing repairs to our monitoring equipment.

Drones represent one layer in an eight-layer system we use to do our work. Drones were 100% in your area with flashing lights flying in grid patterns during this time the concern of mystery drones was born.

It’s also important to note that the concern then grew to a scare, which did indeed produce an environment unlike the actual scene that likely started this whole thing, and undoubtedly, in my view, that will be the mass hysteria explanation given to this story. In order to prevent the truth from being buried due to lack of proof and evidence, let me submit that now.

We track and capture the aerospace target nicknamed the TicTac or UAP from various encounters such as with the USS Nimitz ship. This is a human made aircraft with human made technology that happens to defy known physics and outperform the best current known radar and fighter jet capabilities while operating on a power source that would in theory also change our entire knowledge in that sector.

As professionals, unlike enthusiasts, we don’t ask you to believe us. We challenge you to prove us wrong.

In documented contact with the FAA, FBI, DoD, Homeland and local sheriff’s departments, we have asked and encouraged them to administer a polygraph test to us of the highest caliber under the agreed condition that failing the test would be subject to available charges, both local and federal.

Unlike older polygraph tests or those you see online, there is no way to cheat a modern test, which is the reason these government departments, such as FBI, CIA, DoD, Homeland Security and Border Patrol use them as both a means of pre-employment screening as well as testing for current employees, not to mention on individuals who they are investigating.

Where is our opportunity to prove on government record these statements we have and are about to make? Our pass rate on more than one testing subject right now is 100% through private polygraph test companies, all which have been run by former government polygraph administering employees with decades of experience under their belt.

We have with our own eyes and equipment viewed the TicTac and more importantly the aircraft under it. We have done so numerous times, including at less than 50 feet away for over 10 minutes where not a single blade of grass moved under it while it sat in the air almost perfectly still and silent for this entire duration. We know every panel and line of the aircraft from the lines of the sensor under the nose cone, past the cockpit and up the single tailfin. Allow us to back this all up by polygraph test.

Coming out of the shadows for us was never going to be easy due to the media blitz this has gathered that we have never wanted or encountered in almost five years of work. We have done that now. If the government agencies continue to refuse to let us put facts on the record, then we will look at doing a town hall type meeting to go over information with all of you as well as bring in a polygraph test and take that on location with the results read by the administrator right then and there.

We will be providing details in newspaper space in the Yuma Pioneer in the coming weeks once we do or don’t hear from the government agencies. As for right now, you can sleep easy. Technology is in the airspace above you. You are under absolutely no threat or concern whatsoever.

Should you or anyone reading this encounter the same event, keep in mind you made a great mistake. Rather than going out at night in the darkness to look up at lights, go out in the light in the daytime and look at the ground to see what these drones were hunting.

Only trust our one account for any and all statements and contact @ArchAngelRECON on Twitter. If you’d like to help arrange this proposed town hall or otherwise, please reach us at that contact point so it can all be documented.

Michael Spicer

Founder of ArchAngel RECON

Holyoke Enterprise

970-854-2811 (Phone)
970-854-2232 (Fax)

130 N Interocean Ave
PO Box 297
Holyoke CO 80734