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As weather warms up, skateboarders and cyclists are reminded of laws
    With the weather becoming nicer, the Holyoke Police Department reminds citizens that there are some restrictions on the use of skateboards, pedal cars and battery-powered toy cars (the type children ride in) within the city.
    Skateboards and rollerblades should not be ridden on sidewalks or in streets in the 100 and 200 blocks of North and South Interocean Avenue, 100 and 200 blocks of East and West Denver Street, 100 and 200 blocks of North Campbell Avenue, and 100 and 200 blocks of East Carnahan Street except for going to or from school or the skate park. Violations may result in fines from $20 to $300.
    It is unlawful for any person on roller skates or a skateboard, or in a toy vehicle or similar device to go on any roadway except when crossing in a crosswalk. The fine is $15.
    The parent of any child or guardian of any ward shall not authorize or knowingly permit any child to violate this section. The fine is $15.
    Bicycles are not allowed on sidewalks. Bicyclists are reminded that they are required to follow all rules of the roads (stop signs, red lights, yield signs, etc.).
    Should anyone have questions about local ordinances or state laws, contact the Holyoke Police Department at 970-854-2342.
El Buen Sazón closes its doors
    El Buen Sazón, the Mexican food restaurant located at 116 N. Interocean Ave. in Holyoke, closed its doors after business Friday, March 31. Owner Efrain Becerra ran the restaurant for nine years before turning over the reins to Miny Martinez last October. Becerra said this week that they will probably sell the equipment unless someone comes forward soon with a desire to run the restaurant.

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