Centennial teaches suicide intervention

    Centennial Mental Health Center is offering a Mental Health First Aid program, to teach intervention techniques in case of mental health crises.
    The program teaches the importance of understanding different mental health diagnoses, different available treatments, the signs of suicidal ideation and most importantly how to appropriately intervene in mental health crises, such as suicide.
    At the heart of the program is the five-step ALGEE method:
    — Assess for risk of suicide or harm.
    — Listen nonjudgmentally.
    — Give reassurance and information.
    — Encourage appropriate professional help.
    — Encourage self-help and other support strategies.
    It is extremely common for those going through a mental health crisis to feel like a burden. They may attempt to share their feelings with those around them, but if they are not met with adequate empathy, it is likely the individual will shut down and further isolate themselves.
    With each failure to communicate, the crisis will grow worse and more desperate.

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