District Wildlife Manager Todd Cozad watches Tavery Chappell shoot at a public gun range in Holyoke during a Colorado Parks & Wildlife hunter education course. — Johnson Publications

Colo. Parks & Wildlife hunter education taught

    Colorado Parks & Wildlife hosted a hunter education course in Holyoke Aug. 25-26, paving the way for attendees to receive their Colorado hunting license.
    Completing an approved hunter education course is a necessary part of applying for a Colorado hunting license. The certification does not expire, and the fee for the course is nominal.
    District Wildlife Manager Kyle Gordon said the turnout for the course was good, and that, since many hunters get their certification young, about half of the 17 participants were children.
    “I think it went well — we had a lot of kids and adults wanting to learn some more about hunting and improve their skills,” he said.
    On the first day, Colorado Parks & Wildlife officers lectured about conservation, ethics and safety. They talked about the role of hunting in maintaining Colorado’s wildlife population and the proper method of handling firearms.
    A hands-on portion of the course let participants hold inert firearms and deer antlers. Another segment of the course dealing with obstacle crossings was originally scheduled for Saturday but was canceled due to the rain.
    On Sunday, participants finished their classroom education and took a final examination, before heading out to the range to practice target shooting with .22-caliber rifles.

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