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A dinner service isn’t for everyone

Unique registry options offer gifts for personalities of all kinds

    Tradition doesn’t have to dictate a wedding registry. There are plenty of lists out there to make sure a bride doesn’t leave anything important off the registry, and they contain exactly the type of traditional items you’d expect: knives, a dinner service, flatware, linens, lamps. For some people that’s just not their style.
    There are a number of reasons not to stick to a conventional wedding registry. Maybe the future bride and groom are established adults with homes already full of the things they need. Maybe they’re nomads who prefer to keep possessions limited. Perhaps apartment dwellers don’t have the space to accommodate loads of new gifts. Some might simply hate cooking, automatically rendering most of such checklists useless. Really, the possibilities are endless.
    Fortunately, there are a number of options readily available to create a unique registry.
    For example, websites such as are designed to let users add items from any store to their one-stop registry. That means typical items can be included right alongside more unusual gifts. That way, the couple isn’t limited to things only available in a homewares store. A single registry might include wine glasses, an Xbox, a hammock, potting soil and a camera lens. A registry should reflect the people who create it, not an expectation of what’s normal.
Register responsibly

    For individuals who value socially responsible gifts, there are registries out there that are made up exclusively of fair trade goods. They make sure that wedding gifts have been ethically sourced.
    At, items specifically empower female artisans around the world. Gifts from are made by individuals in developing countries.
    Not only do such registries make sure artisans have good working conditions and a fair wage, the items they contain often reflect the area in which they were made, which is great for creative people.
Fund a honeymoon
    On the other hand, some couples simply don’t need or want more material goods. One option is to create a registry to fund their upcoming honeymoon. Plenty of people value experiences — especially travel — over stuff.
    On websites such as www.honey, users can register for aspects of their honeymoon just as they would for gifts. Wedding guests can gift such things as airfare, hotel stays, rental cars, meals, excursions, tours and massages.
    To top it off, big ticket items can be divided into smaller parts. Friends and family can essentially crowdfund two plane tickets to Australia.

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