New evidence has been uncovered in the Kelsie Schelling missing person case.

Investigation unearths new evidence

A tip to the Pueblo Police Department brought a glimmer of hope Friday, April 14, to those following the case of Kelsie Schelling’s February 2013 disappearance. Detectives uncovered new, undisclosed evidence while excavating the backyard of Donthe Lucas’ former residence, according to KKTV 11 News and the “Help Find Kelsie” Facebook page.
    Schelling, daughter of Laura Saxton of Yuma and Doug Schelling of Holyoke, went missing Feb. 4, 2013, at the age of 21 when traveling to Pueblo to visit Lucas, her boyfriend and purported father of her unborn child.
    Sgt. Eric Gonzales of the Pueblo P.D. said in a statement to the Pueblo Chieftain that Lucas is considered a person of interest, although he has never been arrested in connection with the case.
    Gonzales also said to the Chieftain that the residence in question had been searched previously during the initial investigation. After receiving a tip related to the home where Lucas once resided with his family, investigators executed a search warrant, spending over eight hours Thursday, April 13, and more time Friday excavating and sifting through dirt in the backyard.
    Gonzales would not say what investigators were searching for, nor what evidence was found. He said to KKTV 11 News that items had been bagged and taken to a lab to be analyzed, stressing that the case itself is still very much ongoing.
    A statement posted to the “Help Find Kelsie” Facebook page Monday, April 17, reads, “We thank the person(s) who gave the tip to law enforcement that led to the excavation of the yard and to finding evidence. We will be forever grateful to you and hope it will be enough to make an arrest and eventually lead us to Kelsie Schelling and Kadrie.” Kadrie is the name given to Schelling’s unborn child.
    The statement encourages others to come forward with any tips, listing and 1-855-4-KELSIE as ways to offer the info.

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