Jenn Bostic brings solo act to town

    In the Middle Ages, troubadours were musician/poets who would travel from town to town performing their songs for the locals. Their poems and songs were often on the themes of love and what today we would call folk songs.
    These wandering artists were an integral part of life in the medieval times as they were one of the sole sources of entertainment for small villages isolated from larger population centers.
    A modern-day troubadour stopped by Holyoke Sunday, March 26, to share an afternoon of music and lyrics. Accompanying herself on piano and guitar, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Jenn Bostic combined original and classic hit songs for an unforgettable afternoon of music.
    Kicking off the concert with her original rocker “Faithful,” Bostic took command of the room from her seat at the Baldwin grand piano. An audience can sense when a performer has the self confidence that true artists possess, and Bostic showed it over and over again throughout the afternoon.

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