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Family meals, like the one enjoyed by father and son Cory and Gabriel Marner at the 2010 Phillips County Fair, are regularly served up at the Methodist fair stand during fair week. — The Holyoke Enterprise File Photo | Johnson Publications

Methodists aim to make fair stand a community-wide venture

    The Methodist Church concession stand has been a fixture at the Phillips County Fair for longer than anyone can remember, and just about everyone who’s been to the fair has some recollection of a meal or snack grabbed in the midst of the hustle and bustle of fair time. Depending on how old those memories are, they may include the classic creamed chicken sandwiches and various cream pies or the more recent burgers and fruit pies.
    It’s always been the goal to provide a good meal at a reasonable price for the families who spend the week at the fairgrounds, and that’s not going to change. What is changing, however, are the volunteers who run the stand and the entities that benefit from the proceeds.
    The change began last year, but this year, organizers are really pushing for community-wide involvement. Rather than looking for volunteers primarily from within the Methodist church in Holyoke, organizers are seeking groups and individuals from all walks in both Holyoke and Haxtun.
    Likewise, funds raised at the fair stand have historically gone to mission projects supported by the church. Last year, all the proceeds stayed within Phillips County. Each of the three food banks received $1,600, and $750 was given to both Holyoke and Haxtun’s transient fund.
    Though providing good meals to fairgoers remains a goal, doing something to help those in need has become the central objective.

Interested in volunteering?
    The fair stand will be open Wednesday-Saturday, July 24-27, and it takes a good deal of manpower to run it. Anyone interested in working in the stand or baking pies should contact Kathy Cook at 308-883-0159 to sign up.

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