CSI training participants processing a mock death scene are pictured from left, Robert Rusk of Imperial Police Department, Tom Pullard of Haxtun Police Department, Phil Biersdorfer of Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office and Jordan Fleharty of Holyoke EMS. Their particular scene involved a child who found a gun and accidentally shot himself while his parents were drinking. Other scenes depicted apparent suicides, a pipe bomb and a shaken baby. — Johnson Publications

Mock crime scenes provide valuable practice

    The scenes are something the officers hope to never see, and the skills are something they hope to never use, but the preparedness is a must.
    Sgt. Mark Werts of Holyoke Police Department led a crime scene investigation training in Holyoke on April 9, providing various law enforcement agencies an opportunity to review and practice what they already know.
    Agencies represented included HPD, Haxtun Police Department, Imperial (Nebraska) Police Department, Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office, Phillips County Sheriff’s Office and Holyoke EMS. In addition to the practice and continuing education hours gained by individuals, the exercise gave the agencies a chance to work as a team, something they may be called to do in the case of a real crime, Werts explained.
    Monday morning was spent at Holyoke Baptist Church, where participants reviewed fingerprinting and collecting DNA. They also used chemical agents for collecting fingerprints from a car.
    In the afternoon, they relocated to a residence that had three separate mock crime scenes set up. Trainees were split into three groups to process the death scenes. Though they were posed with dummies, the scenes are certainly not outside the realm of possibility for law enforcement to encounter.
    Afterward, participants returned to the church, where each group presented the photos taken, reviewed their process for going through the crime scene and told what charges they would seek in their given scenario.

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