National Day of Prayer is next Thursday on Facebook

As a nation right now, America is at war with an invisible enemy. COVID-19 is the worldwide force people are at battle with, and according to local organizers of the National Day of Prayer, “The best battle we can do is on our knees.”

Holyoke’s National Day of Prayer event is Thursday, May 7, at 7 p.m. This year, instead of meeting in person, local clergy will be praying live on a public Facebook group called “Holyoke, Colorado National Day of Prayer.”

Every year, National Day of Prayer focuses specifically on country, government, military, families, churches, education, business and the media.

Because of the faith of many of the nation’s Founding Fathers, public prayer and national days of prayer have a long-standing and significant history in American tradition. Since the first call to prayer in 1775, when the Continental Congress asked the colonies to pray for wisdom in forming a nation, the call to prayer has continued through history.

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