Rain comes down; totals go up in 2019

Holyoke will take what it can get, and a small increase in total precipitation was welcomed in 2019.

According to official weather observer Dan Kafka, Holyoke’s moisture totaled 18.02 inches in 2019, compared to 14.64 inches in 2018. May was by far the wettest month with 5.14 inches. January’s 0.05 inch made it the driest month.

While both rain and melted snow combine for precipitation totals, Kafka also measures snowfall separately for Holyoke’s records. 2019 ended with 29.4 inches of snow, down from 34.2 inches in 2018. February had the most snow in 2019 with 9.5 inches.

Precipitation totals have varied in the last several years — 18.02 inches in 2019, 14.64 inches in 2018, 19.93 inches in 2017, 19.44 inches in 2016, 18.98 inches in 2015, 22.42 inches in 2014, 13.99 inches in 2013, 10.34 inches in 2012, 19.55 inches in 2011, 17.05 inches inches in 2010 and 27.15 inches in 2009.

On the thermometer, Holyoke’s average high temperature for 2019 was 62 F, and the average low was 33 F. The hottest day of the year was July 19 at 103 F. The coldest day was Feb. 8 at -18 F.

The first day of spring on March 20 was 60 F, summer started June 21 at 71 F, the first day of fall was 82 F on Sept. 23, and winter began Dec. 21 at 59 F.

Notable weather events included the bomb cyclone (rapid drop in barometric pressure) and blizzard March 13-14 that resulted in multiple rescues of people who got stuck after bypassing barricades. Kids saw snow showers May 21 during the last week of school, and storm chasers were out in full force Memorial Day (May 27) for incredible cloud formations and two tornadoes that touched down briefly in southern Phillips County. Another tornado was documented south of town July 4, along with nature’s own light show.

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