Strong People Stay Healthy begins Sept. 25

Extension to host lunchtime weight training program in Holyoke

   One simple thing can provide relief from arthritis, restore balance, reduce the risk of falling, increase bone mass, control weight, manage diabetes, decrease depression, improve sleep and reduce the risk of heart disease. Sound too good to be true?
    Strong People Stay Healthy is a research-based strength-training program that Colorado State University Extension is offering in Phillips County. In order to accommodate busy lives, the Holyoke program is scheduled for males and females, new and experienced in weight training, for Mondays and Wednesdays from noon-1 p.m. at the Phillips County Event Center starting Monday, Sept. 25.
    Although it does sound too good to be true, the fact is that resistance or strength training can do all of that and more. Years of scientific research have shown that regularly performed exercise with weights, especially for middle-aged and older adults, can have profound results on the loss of muscle mass and development of chronic diseases that are frequently associated with aging.
    When people hear the words “strength” or “weight” training, they often picture a muscular person on a weight bench lifting a bar loaded down with free weights. The actual benefit of lifting weight comes when muscles move against an opposing force. Therefore, lifting cans of food, beanbags or one’s own body can challenge muscles. A person does not need to have a personal trainer or worry about bulking up with lifting weights. All that’s needed is some floor space and an hour of time 2-3 days each week.

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