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Give backyard camping a try this summer. It can give kids a chance to get comfortable with the idea of camping in general, and it allows adults to practice things like pitching the tent. A bit of practice will make it a whole lot easier to handle the inevitable hiccups experienced on a real camping trip.

Try backyard camping for a summer that’s truly in tents

School’s out, the weather’s nice, and it just feels like it’s time to go camping, doesn’t it? Though many campsites are reopening after being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, some folks may not be ready to head to their usual camping spots. Maybe you’re trying to stay safer at home. Maybe money is tighter than usual because of reduced hours or layoffs.

Whatever the case, backyard camping might be just the middle ground you’re looking for. One of the benefits of living in a rural area is the space. Even those without their own yard probably have an acquaintance that would let them pitch a tent on their property. Take grandma and grandpa, for example. Social distancing can still be maintained if the kids and grandkids are camped out in the yard.

Backyard camping can be good practice for the real thing or it can be an experience in and of itself. If there are young children or other inexperienced campers, a night in the backyard can help allay fears. It can also serve as a practice run with your camping equipment.

The simple act of pitching a tent can be a source of contention for some families. Figure out a strategy in the backyard when the stakes are lower. Whether the plan is to spend the night on a sleeping pad, a yoga mat, a cot or directly on the ground, doing so in the backyard leaves the option to bail if necessary. Maybe you underestimated how uncomfortable the ground is. With backyard camping, you can relocate to your own bed and order something comfier for your next go at it.

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