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Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020-21 school year is not going to be normal. Families are encouraged to start preparing children for aspects of school that will be different this year.

7 tips to help prepare kids for return to school

Back-to-school looks different this year than ever before. In addition to typical excitement and nervousness, students, staff and the whole community are confronting a new normal that will be changing regularly due to the continued spread and mandates surrounding the coronavirus.

Administration has been working diligently to draft details of a plan with ever-changing parameters. Staff members are doing their level best to make classrooms and all areas of the school inside and out as safe as they can. It’s one more burden they’ve taken on to make sure the youth of our community get a quality education.

It is anticipated that a majority of families will be sending their kids to school in person. Parents are encouraged to think about how they can help teachers out by preparing children for the things that will be different this year.

1. Stay positive. First, stay positive in how you talk to your children about the changes and safety measures. Of course we want our kids to be careful, but try not to scare them or portray everything in a negative light. Parents will set the tone for their children’s return to school, and making it a positive one will help keep anxiety and frustration at bay.

2. Help prepare. Teaching kids to wash their hands properly by themselves is something families can do with their young children. Using warm water and soap and rubbing their hands together for 20 seconds is key to keeping germs away. A few songs can be sung twice to keep time, like “Happy Birthday,” or the first verse of “This Little Light of Mine” works, too. The more kids can take care of their own hand hygiene, the more time teachers can spend teaching.

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