“The Addams Family” cast members are pictured from left, front row, Jimena Nuñez, Elise Krogmeier, Brenna Gatton, Tayler Hale, Tristen Ferguson, Zander Salyers and Isaiah Rueter; second row, Levi Ford, Dylan Miles and LorenJo Oberle; and back row, Diana Gonzalez, Correy Koellner, Ashlyn Marcum, Kenneth Lindholm, Andrew Rivera, Max Kleve, Sloane Bishop and Juan Diaz. — The Holyoke Enterprise | Johnson Publications

Audiences are dying to see ‘The Addams Family’ this weekend

    For fans of the 1960s sitcom, the 1970s cartoon and the 1990s movies, America’s favorite creepy, kooky, pale-skinned family is back again — this time in a new musical comedy.
    “The Addams Family” is the latest production staged by the Dragon Theatre Company. Two performances will feature Holyoke JR/SR High School students in the HHS auditorium Friday and Saturday, Nov. 16-17, at 7:30 p.m. both nights.
    As the last leaf of autumn falls, the journey starts deep within Central Park, surrounded by a graveyard, where there is a house where one shouldn’t be. This is the home of the eccentric, morbid and close-knit Addams family.
    Gomez and Morticia Addams (played by Dylan Miles and Tayler Hale) and their children Wednesday and Pugsley (Brenna Gatton and Tristen Ferguson) live with their Grandma, Uncle Fester and butler Lurch (LorenJo Oberle, Zander Salyers and Andrew Rivera).
    Happy with their potions, dancing and instruments of persuasion, what could turn their whole world upside-down?
    Love! Wednesday’s grown up and has found love in a straight-laced, conservative Ohioan named Lucus (Levi Ford). The two young lovers are keeping their engagement a secret until they see if the families can get along.
    Will Lucus’ parents, Mal and Alice Beineke (Kenneth Lindholm and Ashlyn Marcum), be accepted by Gomez and Morticia? And will the Beinekes be able to see past the creepy exterior of the Addamses? Or will their differences and this secret romance tear everyone apart?
    Those willing to help out are Uncle Fester and the ancestors (Juan Diaz, Diana Gonzales, Isaiah Rueter, Sloane Bishop, Elise Krogmeier, Jimena Nuñez, Max Kleve, Correy Koellner, Ford, Marcum and Lindholm).
    Audience members will be along for the ride as they see if true love triumphs or leaves a graveyard of casualties behind.
    Dragon Theatre Company is led by director Bret Miles and musical director Pat Wiebers.

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