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Solve your family’s homework problems by creating a designated work station in your home with a desk, storage, bright lighting and minimal distractions.

Back to school, back to homework

5 tips to help families create brilliant homework stations

Whether it’s for after-school homework or online classes, it’s a good idea for families to establish a dedicated work station or study zone for kids at home.

If you’re ready to solve your family’s homework problems, take notes from these five tips that are sure to pass the test.

1. Find a space. This could be a corner of the living room, a wide hallway, a nook, a spare bedroom, an open landing or even a closet. There’s no such thing as wasted space!

If you’re a parent and you’ve already got a home office, consider making a spot for the kids in there. You can make progress on your own work while providing supervision.

Studies show kids who seem reluctant to do their homework may benefit from a communal space. With parents or older siblings nearby, they may be less lonely and less likely to procrastinate. Other kids may need the quietness of their own space that’s far away from others. Find what works for you!

2. Get set up. It doesn’t have to be fancy! Buy, build or repurpose tables or desks and pair them with comfortable yet supportive chairs. Children are less likely to doze off or get distracted if they are at a desk.

Add lamps if there’s not adequate lighting, and make sure there are outlets to plug in needed electronic devices. Use shelves, bookcases, cubbies, rolling carts, desktop organizers or pegboards to store school supplies within arm’s reach. Hang a clock and hooks on the wall for backpacks, and don’t forget a trash can too!

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