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Lia Sprague may be preparing for an unpredictable explosion of paint, but in completing the first step of the unconventional art project, she’s the picture of focus and precision. — The Holyoke Enterprise | Johnson Publications

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Creating a wild splatter of purple paint, Hannah Krieger observes a sodium bicarbonate and citric acid reaction in action. Kyle Goldenstein and Gizem Barraza Rico, pictured from left, wait for their turns at the exploding art project. — The Holyoke Enterprise | Johnson Publications

Effervescence fuels exploding art in the park

    “Sometimes art is about more than just drawing and painting,” Jade Goldenstein enthusiastically told students in a brief but action-packed art camp July 8-9. The promise of unique and messy art projects may have been what enticed the elementary participants, but in true teacher form, Goldenstein sneaked some education into their activities too.
    Gathered at Homesteaders Park from 1-3 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday, the young artists used some unusual supplies to create their masterpieces. Shaving cream and food coloring resulted in swirled prints. Paint, water and antacids mixed in film canisters exploded into fun designs. And those are just two of the several projects they completed.
    While kids put their creativity to work and enjoyed getting messy in the process, they discussed such things as color theory and chemical reactions. The result was a summer-break activity that boasted both fun and education, the best of both worlds.

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