Third grader Emma Benson gets funky during “How I Love the Opera” at the first and third grade spring concert. — The Holyoke Enterprise | Johnson Publications

Holyoke 1st and 3rd graders aim for the funny bone at spring concert

    Directed by Marcia Dalton, Holyoke first and third graders sung a selection of songs and showed off an arsenal of puns (“What do you call a bear that’s caught in the rain? A drizzly bear.”)  and knock-knock jokes (“Knock knock. Who’s there? Gladys. Gladys who? Gladys time for another song.”) on April 15 for their 2019 show, “Just for Fun!”
    The night’s opener, “Just for Fun,” was followed by knock-knock jokes told by Laityn Bieber, Yeilin Torres, Levi Clayton, Derek Aranda Dominguez, Delanie Davis, Gabe Mateo-Zazo, Joseph Kleve and Julian Legarreta.
    “Tell Me a Joke” included jokes by Ben Kammer, Dathyn Dirks, Maggie Kleve, Amairany Murillo, Ryan Schlachter, Rebecca Hernandez Hermosillo, Sadee Mosenteen, Jeremy Perez Ortiz, Jacquie Garcia, Aimee Hernandez Soto, Andres Bencomo, Samuel Fierro, Cooper Hielscher, Reggie Edwards, Sarah Schlachter, Bodhyn Ring, Sophie Seeley, Macie Maloney, Lia Sprague, Kinley Sporhase, Julian Marquez, Isaac McCormick, Taige Chappell and Emma Benson.
    “Oh, How I Love the Opera” featured singers Sarah Schlachter, Jacquie Garcia, Vanessa Marroquin and Alexis Nelson, and chicken dancers Kevin Ramos, Paige Marlow, Emma Benson, Ben Kammer, Taige Chappell, Sophie Seeley, Rebecca Hernandez Hermosillo, Bodhyn Ring and Cooper Hielscher.
    The next round of jokesters included Abby Davidson, Sarah Adams Mattox, Vanessa Marroquin, Kevin Ramos, Sylvester Jones, Isaac Juarez, Aubrey Bieber, Rogelio Martinez, Paige Marlow and Alexis Nelson.
    Boomwhackers on a “A Wild and Whacky Western Tune” were Keylen Quezada, Sadee Mosenteen, Aubrey Bieber, Maggie Kleve, Paige Marlow, Cesar Favela Hermosillo, Andres Bencomo, Samuel Fierro, Kevin Ramos, Lia Sprague, Macie Maloney Taige Chappell, Amairany Murillo, Sarah Schlachter, Reggie Edwards and Dathyn Dirks. Jokesters were Alexis Nelson, Robert Martinez, Abby Davidson, Dathyn Dirks, Vanessa Marroquin, Sylvester Jones, Jacquie Garcia, Jeremy Perez Ortiz, Rogelio Martinez, Amairany Murillo and Isaac Juarez.

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