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Good sportsmanship is everyone’s responsibility

School creates new fan policy

    Positive support for athletic programs is an important issue of concern for Holyoke  School District. Over the last few years, the district has seen incidents increase among parents and fans across the league.
    This year, Holyoke has added a fan behavior policy to the activity/athletic handbook. Anyone who attends a school-sponsored sports competition must remember that the event is considered an extracurricular activity which is an extension of the education-based classroom, said activity/athletic director Sandra Rahe.
    The policy outlines examples of behaviors that detract from the overall quality of  athletic events. Some examples which may result in consequences include booing; yelling out criticism at the referees, coaches or individual participants; and use of aggressive language. These are considered minor offenses.
    Consequences for minor offenses will be dealt with through verbal and written warnings followed by suspension from sporting activities depending on the factors involved in the offense.
    A major offense is defined as any violation of Policy KFA, Public Conduct on School Property. These violations include, but are not limited to, any conduct intended to interfere with teaching; physical abuse or threat of harm to any person; damage to school district property; unlawful use, possession, distribution or sale of drugs; and unlawful possession of a deadly weapon.

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