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THE MARTIN HOUSE: When talking about wood paneling, you simply can’t leave out KC and Gina Martin’s recent build just outside of Holyoke. At right, the lighter colored horizontal planks are highlighting a feature wall at the main entrance of the home. The wood came from a falling-over barn that was located about a mile away from the house. The Martins used a bug bomb on it, just to make sure no insects make their way into the house, and then they whitewashed it. The barn wood is also used on other walls, the mudroom coatrack bench, the kitchen island and vent hood and as an accent to some ceilings, including a non-whitewashed variation on the master bedroom ceiling. The large, dark beams came from a potato shed in southern Colorado that the Martins had a connection to. They certainly make a statement while being utilized for the fireplace mantle, built-in shelves, the basement staircase and a custom light with funky Edison bulbs hung over the dining table using old farm machinery. — The Holyoke Enterprise | Johnson Publications

Wood you look at that? Wood paneling is back!

What goes around comes around, and believe it or not, wood paneling has come full circle and is making a huge comeback in the interior design world.

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With orders to isolate or quarantine, many people saw their homes instantly transformed into the temporary site of work, entertainment, school, exercise, happy hour and everything else they used to leave the house for.

Little changes can go a long way in making a home’s multipurpose spaces comfortable and functional

It’s likely that the coronavirus pandemic will have extensive long-term effects on housing, and not just the housing market but also the things people will prioritize when looking for their next ho


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