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Amy Einspahr submitted this recipe; however, she admitted that it originally came from Diane Rahe who used spaghetti.  Amy changed the recipe to colored rotini pasta, and somehow it became Amy’s Pa

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Wiggins, played by Tristen Ferguson, makes a quick run for it with Wainwright’s briefcase — the key to the entire case. — Johnson Publications

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A couple of clowns who simply can’t agree on what’s funny kept the audience laughing at last weekend’s production of “Baker Street Irregulars.” Crank, played by Mason Vernon, carries a pole with confidence that the traditional slap-stick acts are hilarious. Jingles, played by Robert Soukup, dodges it, unsure about what’s so funny about him getting hurt all the time. — Johnson Publications

Players prove talent doesn’t depend on age

     They were constantly told they couldn’t do something because they were just kids or because they were girls, but the Baker Street Irregulars weren’t about to sit back and let the worthless adu


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