1935 — The Holyoke Cemetery is pictured in a photo from 1935. The cemetery association was formed in February 1888, and the land was purchased from S.S. Worley Sept. 21, 1888. At this time, it was still in Logan County before the formation of Phillips County in March of 1889. The town of Holyoke took over the cemetery property Jan. 1, 1942, when a Perpetual Care trust fund was started. Many years later, the Heginbotham Trust provided a well and automatic underground watering system, mowers, oil-paved roads and their maintenance, storage building with restrooms and a decorative chain fence between bricked pillars. —Phillips County Museum photo

Peekin' into the Past

Five Years Ago
Feb. 2, 2012

Ryan Berges, at left, originally from Ovid, bumps into Hank Schaffer Jr. of Sterling as both northeast Colorado natives await the commencement of the 2017 presidential inauguration on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., last Friday, Jan. 20.

Northeast Colorado native sees Trump inauguration through unique lens

The first presidential election I can remember was the 1980 race between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.


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