Big Brick Drug Store was built in 1907, when LeBlanc & Scheunemann and Dr. F.M. Smith purchased vacant lots on the east side of Interocean Avenue to build a new brick building. Smith came to Holyoke in 1887 and was the first practicing physician in the county and operated the drug store with his son Myron until his retirement about a year and a half before his death in 1931. An article in the State Herald from 1917 states, “The Smith Pharmacy in Holyoke, in addition to supplying drugs and medicines, takes the place of a public library, ice cream parlor, news depot, rest room and cigar store, and its stocks in all departments are full beyond the requirements of the trade.” It included a large salesroom, laboratory, glass room, furnace room with capacity for a carload of coal, wall paper room, stock warerooms, large basement, and ice cream house in the rear and may have housed the post office sometime in the early 1900s. — Source: Phillips County Museum

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