In 1894-95, District No. 3, District No. 72 and District No. 44 — also known as the Crater, Trego and Lownsbury schools — combined to have nine months of school rather than the usual three months. Instead of each district holding their own separate school at the same time, C.F. Parker was hired to teach three months in each district. The one-room Trego schoolhouse was located 1/2 mile west of the Trego homestead, northwest of Holyoke. Pictured in the District No. 3 Trego schoolhouse, from left, along the wall in the back, are Addie Porter (Hitt), Theodore Peter, Frank Sprague, Alva Trego, Grace Crater, Hattie Heller (Woodhams), Inez Ashley, Florence Trego (Kepler), Mettie Sprague (Chase), Susie Sprague (Clute), Rebecca Crater, Lula Crater, Clara Trego, Alice Trego and teacher C.F. Parker; and in front, Rebecca Heller (Austin), Emmet Trego, Ethel Heller (Utesler), Esther Crater and Ida Heller (Woodhams). — Source: Phillips County Museum

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