Recipe Train

Brittany McCallum is in love with her Aunt Susie’s brownie recipe, which has been a family favorite for years. McCallum usually bakes them for holidays or reunions.

Posegate Hall, the Phillips County High School dormitory, was built in 1918, east of where the administration building is now, with funds left by Isaac Posegate, a farmer who lived 10 miles west of Holyoke. The dormitory contained 29 rooms with accomodations for 54 people and was used as a place for teachers and students from remote districts to stay during the school week. When it was built, room rent was $1 per week for each student or teacher, and students were allowed to work around the dormitory for part of their room and board. The boys lived in the basement, faculty apartments were on the main floor, and the girls lived on the top floor. Posegate Hall was no longer used as a dormitory after 1936 and was then used for a variety of purposes, including housing for superintendent and teachers, teachers’ lounge and classrooms. The building was demolished in 1977 after the new high school was built. — Source: Phillips County Museum

Peekin' into the Past

Five Years Ago — Jan. 16, 2014


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