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The Huber tractor was built and marketed by Edward Huber, who is said to be the first producer of modern gasoline-powered tractors and is generally recognized as marketing the first mass-produced tractor for commercial sale. Ernest Brundige’s Huber tractor is shown here, probably in the early 1920s, with a guide attached to the front steering quadrant, pulling a six-bottom sod plow followed by a packer. The engine was water-cooled by the large radiator on the front and was gasoline-fueled. This tractor is likely the four-cylinder 30-60/35-70 hp model. — Source: Phillips County Museum

Peekin’ into the past

Five Years Ago
Aug. 2, 2012

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Parishioners of St. Patrick Catholic Church gather in the new narthex after Sunday Mass July 23 for the dedication of the new space. The welcoming new addition, which includes the narthex, social hall, new bathrooms and new kitchen, was completed in May, transforming the overall feel of the church. — Johnson Publications

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Father Jerry Rohr blesses the addition and all those gathered within it during the Sunday dedication service, sprinkling them with holy water. — Johnson Publications

A place for the people

    “A hundred thousand welcomes” — the meaning of the Gaelic message inscribed on the cornerstone of the new parish hall and narthex — nicely sums up the hopes and intentions of the St.

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Exhibit B
    This exhibit was offered by the City of Holyoke as the boundary for the easement for the stormwater drainage pit located southeast of Cobblestone Inn & Suites at 805 S. Interocean Ave. in Holyoke.
    Exhibit B includes the berm at the edge, as well as tree lines to the north and west and area to the crop line on the southeast.
    Judge Charles Hobbs found Exhibit B to be the proper boundary for the easement.

Judge accepts City’s proposed boundaries

    Judge Charles Hobbs recently ruled with the City of Holyoke in defining the easement boundary for the “pit” area involved in the lawsuit between Rupert and Claire O’Neal and the City.

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Clark and Laverne Starkebaum, longtime Phillips County residents, are the 2017 grand marshals for the Phillips County Fair parade. — Johnson Publications

Fair grand marshals lead parade

    This year’s Phillips County Fair parade grand marshals, Clark and Laverne Starkebaum of Haxtun, may not have raised any barns recently, but they’ve raised about everything else together in thei


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