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The average American household spends just about $57,000, but where does it all go? Looking at where most money is spent can offer insights into areas of potential savings.

Spending trends

Who hasn't tallied up monthly bills or looked at a credit card statement and pondered if they're spending a little too much?

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A group of men is pictured during wheat harvest on the farm of Wilhelm Jasper, approximately 1908. The man marked left of center may be Whit Irwin. This field was planted with Turkey Red fall wheat and averaged 38 bushels per acre. Jasper bought 480 acres approximately 5 miles southwest of Holyoke in 1907 and bought Otto Fulscher’s house and barn in Holyoke in January 1908 and had the house and barn moved to the farm. — Source: Phillips County Museum

Peekin’ into the past

Five Years Ago — Oct. 9, 2014


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