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Democrats meet in Phillips County Assembly April 6 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

Eager and committed supporters of both Andrew Romanoff and Michael Bennet came early to the County Democratic Assembly April 6 to register their preference vote. Delegates and alternates elected at the earlier party caucus were advised the chief task of the evening was to elect four delegates to the Democratic Party state assembly to be held May 21-22.

During the evening, representatives for Michael Bennet (Jacob Becklund) and Andrew Romanoff (Steven Nein) participated in the process. Speakers for the candidates—Paul Mailander for Senator Bennet and Steven Nein for Romanoff—made a strong reference to the merit of both candidates adding why their particular candidate would serve northeastern Colorado as well as the state more effectively. Four delegates and four alternates were then elected by their respective preference group.

Participating in the May State Democratic Assembly will be Gene Bittner, Paul Mailander, Teresa Mailander and Elwin Poe. Selected alternates are Dreama Poe, Linda Sandstrom, Aaron Sprague and Lillian Vasa.

Other business included confirmation of the precinct officers elected at the March caucus. Those confirmed for a two-year term were: Gene Bittner, Laura Bittner, Leo Mailander, Audrey Murray, Sandstrom, Shirley Krogmeier, Chris Mattson, Patricia Olofson, Keith Sharpe, Jack Falk, Chuck Dvorak, Cynthia Sharpe-Kaus, Lila Einspahr and Hilda Hassler.

Chair Dorothy Ortner asked the County Assembly participants to discuss in small groups, “What does it mean to be a Democrat?” and “Why am I a Democrat?”

The responses, when the discussion was opened to the group, were varied but substantively the same: i.e. “to make life better for all,” “to care about and do for the total population,” “I’ve been a Democrat for as long as I knew the meaning of the word and it is a part of my inheritance” or as the chair ended the discussion by saying as kindergartners are taught—“leave the place as good as or better than you found it.”

The Central Committee as well as all other participants were asked to meet May 24 at the Paoli Town Hall to hear reports of the State Assembly delegates. In addition, there will be an election of the County Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer replacing retiring officers Murray, Leo Mailander and Ortner.

Chair Ortner requested efforts at recruiting younger Democrats, particularly in Haxtun. She continued by saying “in a county where there are 500-plus registered unaffiliated and 1,000-plus registered Republicans, there is no reason that we can not continue to build a healthy and strong county community both by competing and cooperating.”