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Reader appreciates Veterans Day PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

Dear Editor,

The Veterans Day program was very special to me and I believe it was special to many people who had or still have relatives in the military or armed forces of our country.

We as parents do the best we can with our children, and we worry as our parents did with us.

My one and only son and two of his friends had told me often, “No way. We are not going into the service. We are going to Canada after high school.”

I worried and cried now and then about the weird ways of their generation.

Then one day a sergeant from Colorado came and asked if my son and his two friends were at our home. He was looking for them. He had tickets for their meals and trip to go for their military training. I could not believe what I heard. They had volunteered to go do their duty in the military services for our country.

My son took training at Fort Dix, N.J. and after he did his duty in the Army, he volunteered for National Guard duty.

One of his friends is a security guard after his duty in the Army. His other friend stayed in the Army and was serving until he retired from the service. I believe he served for 21 years, married and lives in Texas.

I respect all our military men and women. They sacrifice a lot for us, be it in a war zone, flood, earthquake or bad fire, no matter what country they are stationed in.

The youth who spoke at the Veterans Day program are special kids. It’s true, our generations are all different. Even the times of Biblical days or times of Washington, Einstein etc.

My Aunt Kate was a flapper from the “Roaring ‘20s.” My grandma was shocked when Aunt Kate was dancing to “Black Bottom” and “Charleston.” She thought Aunt Kate had a seizure or was drunk.

Aunt Kate never did drink or smoke and she graduated from high school in Longmont.

All generations have their own styles and things they do, but it depends on the person. Young or old, we know what is right or wrong. If our friends do wrong, we could always excuse ourselves from getting into trouble, yet they can be friends.

All parents can’t be with their children at many places. All we can do is trust them and pray they know how much we love them and that they can be honest and trust us and do what is right and not wrong.

Happy Thanksgiving

Eufracia Secrist