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Fact or fiction? Two fords in midnight clash on a corner PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

These stories from local history are sometimes so extraordinary it’s hard to believe they actually happened. Check out ‘fact or fiction’ stories: they’re actual Enterprise news clips reprinted from the past.

There is no use trying to thwart the plans of fate; it’s been tried many times with but one result—failure. After enjoying the movies in which there were many smash-ups and narrow escapes, Warren Hatheway and his wife got in their car and started to back away from the curb just as Mr. Clayton came down the street in his Ford.

Mr. Clayton manipulated the wheel in a masterly manner and when all seemed lost, narrowly averted a tangle. But Fate was not to be fooled quite so easily.

Mr. Hatheway got under way, and as he reached the hospital corner another crash with Layton’s car seemed inevitable and after a narrow squeeze, Hatheway negotiated a turn going east two blocks and south one block, priding himself on his prowess in the pinches.

But once Fate has decreed a clash there’s no escaping, and it was on this corner Hatheway met the Clayton machine which had been driven one block south from the hospital and two east. Mr. Clayton thought he had the edge on Hatheway and attempted to beat him across the intersection.

But Fate won this time, and Warren Hatheway, who failed to see the approaching car, hit the Clayton machine admidships, throwing it against a light pole, which luckily saved the occupants, and the force of the impact threw Mrs. Hatheway clear of the machine in which she was riding and a distance of about 25 feet.

Outside of a few minor bruises, the damage amounted to about $200. The fact remains, when Fate has hold of the steering wheel, something has just simply got to happen and you might as well go through with the ordeal.

Holyoke Enterprise
Jan. 30, 1920

Holyoke Enterprise February 16, 2012