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Students enjoy a day of fun and games at field day PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   
    Elementary students and teachers took a day off their regular school work to participate in the annual field day Friday, May 15. Students ran their fastest, jumped their farthest, and threw their hardest. Some of the teachers even got in on the action.
    The results for kindergarten through second grades are as follows, in order, with the first place winner listed first. Results from grades three through five will be reported in next week’s edition of the Enterprise.
    Girls 50 meter dash—Alicia Astorga, Taylor Trumper, Ashley Rahe, Marysol Astorga, DaKiria Dasher, Giselle Proeto-Figueroa, Emali Torres.
    Boys 50 meter dash—Lane Lanckriet, Rylan Archibeque, Jose Astorga, Tate Dille, Isaiah Houghtelling, Aaron Dominguez, Caleb Heinitz, Landon Eastman.
    Gardner class softball throw—Lane Lanckiet, Alicia Astorga, Kyle Brom, Emali Torres, Juan Diaz, Haley Van Overbecke.
    Peregoy class softball throw—Rylan Archibeque, Ethan Andersen, José Astorga, Aaron Dominguez, Chloie Metzger, Ashley Rahe.
    Sandquist class softball throw—Tate Dille, Colten Mitteis, Isaiah Houghtelling, Eduardo Quintana, Erick Marroquin, DaKiria Dasher.
    Gardner three legged race—Alicia Astorga and Lane Lanckriet, Kyle Brom and Caleb Heinitz, Yoletzi Loya and Ms. Gardner, Giselle Proeto-Figuero and Darlee McMurrin, Riley Ferguson and Angela Almeida, Jillian Warren and Haley Van Overbeke.
    Peregoy class three legged race—Ethan Andersen and Ashley Rahe, Chloie Metzger and Morganne Kumm, Jesse Vasa and Rylan Archibeque, Laura Conde-Soto and Mr. Peregoy, Austin Bruso and Nadia Monreal-Santiesteban, Emily Anderson and Nayely Banuelos.
    Sandquist class three legged race—Fantasia Ruybal and Rylee Schneller, Colton Mitteis and AlecSprague, Tate Dille and Eduardo Quintana, Isaiah Houghtelling and Erick Marroquin, Marysol Astorga and Alondra Bencomo-Marquez, Taylor Trumper and Perla Olivas.
    Gardner class long jump—Emali Torres, Lane Lanckiet, Alicia Astorga, Angela Almeida, Giselle Prieto-Figueroa, Darlee McMurrin.
    Peregoy class long jump—José Astorga, Jesse Vasa, Ethan Andersen, Ashley Rahe, Rylan Archibeque, Morganne Kumm.
    Sandquist class long jump—Isaiah Houghtelling, Tate Dille, Marysol Astorga, Erick Marroquin, Colten Mitteis, Landon Eastman.
First Grade
    Boys/girls soccer game­—gold, Remington Hielscher, ­­Sabrina Zink, Victor Baeza, Deacon Dittmer, Mason King, Blake Mosenteen.
    Girls 50 meter dash—Taeryn Trumper, Victoria Race, Tayler Hale.
    Boys 50 meter dash—Dalton Hysell, Caleb Deaver, Kevin Conde, Tristen Roll, Xander Speicher, Remington Hielscher.
    Girls 100 meter dash­—Sarah Razo, Sabrina Zink, Shianne Willmon.
    Boys 100 meter dash—Blake Mosenteen, Alejandro Rojas, Hunter Bergstrom, Michael Ramos, Miguel Soto.
    Boys 50 meter hurdles—Deacon Dittmer, Victor Baeza.
    Girls 100 meter egg walk—Osirys Perez, Yovanna Iniguez, Alondra Valles, Shianne Willmon, Makenzie Martin, Aly Bohlender.
    Boys 100 meter egg walk—Nain  Vasquez, Seth Watson, Matthew Oberle, Wyett Martin.
    Girls 200 meter dash—Taeryn Trumper, Novi Lock, Lali Marquez, Llelitza Ochoa.
    Boys 200 meter dash—Mason King, Anthony Rojo.
    Girls 400 meter dash—Emily Jelden, Josie Herman.
    Boys 400 meter dash—Slaten Burris, Blake Mosenteen, Isaiah Hatton.
    Girls long jump—Novi Lock, Aly Bohlender, Makenzie Martin, Alondra Zapata, Shianne Willmon, Sabrina Zink.
    Boys Long Jump—Alejandro Rojas, Wacey Flack, Dalton Hysell, Michael Ramos, Blake Mosenteen, Fabian Gonzalez.
    Boys softball throw—Fabian Gonzalez, Caleb Deaver, Tristen Roll, Xander Speicher, Michael Ramos, Alexis Vega-Llanas.
    Girls softball throw—Crystal Astorga Solis, Llelitza Ochoa, Aly Bohlender, Lauren Bergner, Jackie Valenzuela, Janessa Lutze.
    Girls three legged race—Sarah Razo and Sabrina Zink, Josie Herman and Emily Jelden, Lali Marquez and Llelitza Ochoa, Victoria Race and Crystal Astorga Solis, Makenzie Martin and Shianne Willmon, Lauren Bergner and Jackie Valenzuela.
    Boys three legged race—Nain Vasquez and Fabian Gonzalez, Anthony Rojo and Wacey Flack, Deacon Dittmer and Victor Baeza.
    Girls high jump—Sarah Razo, Alondra Zapata, Monique Ruybal, Lali Marquez, Josie Herman, Aly Bohlender.
    Boys high jump—Tristen Roll, Kevin Conde, Slaten Burris, Caleb Deaver, Sergio Alarcon-Ortega, Alejandro Rojas.
    Boys obstacle course—Slaten Burris, Nain Vasquez, Dalton Hysell, Sergio Alarcon-Ortega, Mason King, Hunter Bergstrom.
    Girls obstacle course—Lauren Bergner, Monique Ruybal, Crystal Astorga Solis, Novi Lock, Makayla Knutson, Morganne Kumm.
    Boys/girls bucket brigade—Morganne Kumm, Osirys Perez, Shianne Willmon and Jackie Valenzuela; Emily Jelden, Lauren Bergner, Anthony Rojo and Fabian Gonzalez; Alejandro Rojas, Alondra Zapata, Nain Vasquez and Josie Herman; Monique Ruybal, Tayler Hale, Tony Dominguez, Matthew Oberle; Angel Rojo-Ramirez, Janessa Lutze, Alondra Valles, Tristen Roll and Novi Lock; Makayla Knutson, Taeryn Trumper, Makenzie Martin and Dalton Hysell.
Second Grade
    Boys high jump—Corben McCallum, Trent Huffman, Rafael Morales, Manuel Rodriguez, Kelyn Goldenstein.
    Girls high jump—Emma Roll, Kyra Loutensock, Rachel Guernsey, Kaylee Camblin, Rebekkah St. Martin, Sloane Bishop.
    Boys obstacle course—Kelyn Goldenstein, Zach Overton, Jonathan Sanchez Hernandez, Rafael Morales, Jakob Knutson, Zander Salyers.
    Girls obstacle course—Jordaine Lanckriet, Andrea Becerra, Reghan Archibeque, Kaylee Camblin, Gabi Gordon, Rachel Guernsey.
    Boys/girls bucket brigade—Cash Adler, Brenna Sullivan and Kyra Loutensock; Maura Castillo, Jonathan Sanchez Hernandez and Emma Roll; Maritza Quintana, Trent Huffman and Jaromi Olivas; Ashlyn Churchwell, Jordaine Lanckriet, Rebekkah St. Martin and Zander Salyers; Gabi Gordon, Corben McCallum, Andrea Becerra and Rachel Guernsey.
    Girls 50 meter dash—Rachel Guernsey, Ashlyn Churchwell.
    Boys/girls soccer game—gold, Jesus Trejo Arvizo, Jakob Knutson, Kaylee Camblin and Jaydy Dominguez.
    Boys 50 meter hurdles—Keegan Shaw, Jakob Knutson, Corben McCallum, Zach Overton, Kelyn Goldenstein.
    Girls 50 meter hurdles—Kyra Loutensock, Maritza Quintana, Jordaine Lanckriet.
    Girls 100 meter dash—Ashlyn Churchwell, Maura Castillo.
    Girls 100 meter egg walk—Rebekkah St. Martin, Jaydy Dominguez, Genevieve Maldonado, Gabi Gordon, Brenna Sullivan.
    Boys 50 meter dash—Keegan Shaw, Rafael Morales, Trenton Huffman, Alex Vieselmeyer, Jonathan Sanchez Hernandez, Danny Vernon, Zander Salyers.
    Boys 100 meter egg walk—Danny Vernon, Cash Adler, Zander Salyers.
    Girls 200 meter dash—Emma Roll, Kaylee Camblin, Andrea Becerra, Brenna Sullivan, Jaromi Olivas.
    Girls 400 meter dash—Kyra Loutensock, Reghan Archibeque.
    Boys 400 meter dash—Jesus Trejo Arvizo, Zach Overton, Corben McCallum, Jonathan Sanchez Hernandez, Manuel Rodriguez.
    Girls long jump—Emma Roll, Brenna Sullivan.
    Boys long jmup—Jonathan Sanchez Hernandez, Rafael Morales, Zach Overton, Keegan Shaw, Tenton Huffman, Jesus Trejo Arvizo.
    Girls three legged race—Brenna Sullivan and Kaylee Camblin, Ashlyn Churchwell and Genevieve Maldonado, Andrea Becerra and Emma Roll, Jordaine Lanckriet and Mortitza Quintana, Rachel Guernsey and Maura Castillo.
    Boys three legged race—Cash Adler and Erick Garcia Hernandez.
    Boys softball throw—Manuel Rodriguez, Jesus Trejo Arvizo, Rafael Morales, Jakob Knutson, Erick Garcia Hernandez, Alex Vieselmeyer.
    Girls softball throw—Rebekkah St. Martin, Gabi Gordon, Jaydy Dominguez, Maritza Quintana, Maura Castillo, Ashlyn Churchwell.