Ship captain Julie Kotch, at right, serves a drink to Dan Goddard before the “Seas the Day” cruise takes off for a week of fun at Regent Park and Carriage House. —Johnson Publications photo

At Monday’s boardwalk party, Mary Ellen Koch gets her boarding pass for the rest of the week’s cruise activities. —Johnson Publications photo

All aboard the USS Regent!

The USS Regent set sail from Holyoke Monday, June 26, to give Regent Park and Carriage House residents and community members a week of free cruise ship fun.

Vicki Ocken’s book, published by Schiffer Publishing, is full of photos and anecdotes that anyone, trailer enthusiast or otherwise, can enjoy.

‘Vintage Trailer Voyeur’ takes readers along on Ocken’s whimsical trip

It wasn’t always easy getting people to open up, talk to her and show off their vintage trailers, but Vicki Ocken kept her camera handy and her eyes peeled for four years, piecing together “Vintage


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